Thursday, July 31, 2014

Inking and Painting

I got the inking for the newest Lily piece done a little earlier this week so I figured it was about time I showed it off. Unfortunately the piece of Krazz still sits there, uninked and looking none too happy about it. Ah well, Krazz, maybe next time!

Like the Brick piece I did last month I really wanted to try and paint the Lily piece all by hand. The Brick piece was easy since he is a crazy looking guy, especially in that piece. It made all the brush strokes in the paint look that much better. But, will painting a pretty girl who needs a smooth look work as well? We'll see.

Like last time I printed out the black inked line in a non reproducible blue line on a piece of bristol board. Unlike last time, I glued it to the heavier board first. Last time I taped the Brick piece down to a board and then glued it down to a heavier piece of board after it was already painted. We'll see if doing it this way keeps the piece from curling under all the water I am throwing on the paper.

I started by laying down some ink wash in the background. I wanted to try some different techniques and build an interesting background this time. On the Brick piece I just laid down an ink wash behind him and hoped for the best. This time I wanted to play a bit with the lighting and see how it goes. I even tried to do some "Kirby dots" by dipping the plunger tip of an old ink bottle top in my wash mix and making little dots all over the piece. I love the design aspect of it and I think it will look cool when I lay the color wash over it.

I don't know if I'll get this piece completed by tomorrow (I still have a few things I need to get to today before I tackle the painting) but it will definitely be done soon.

Okay, back to it. Have a great one and I'll talk to you all soon!

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