Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sports Illustrated Kids "What's The Call" September 2015

It's been a while since I've shown off the monthly illustrations I do for the great folks over at Sports Illustrated Kids and, over the next few months, I'll be dedicating each Wednesday's post to catching up.

These illustrations are for an ongoing article called "What's The Call." Each month you're given three scenarios of something going on in a sporting event and you, as the official, have to make the right call. Good luck and enjoy the fun!


The Edgewater Express and the Fort Worth Force are playing a football game. A rainstorm is whipping around the stadium as Edgewater kicker Patrick Towson sets the ball up at the Express' 30-yard line for a kickoff. Just as Towson is about to kick the ball, he slides on the drenched field and into the the tee. He tries to stop himself up, but his kicking foot still makes contact with the ball. Instead of blasting one into the Fort Worth's end zone, he ends up kicking a slow grounder. A Fort Worth player falls on the ball at midfield, and the Force celebrate their strong starting field position. The Express claim they should get to redo the kickoff because the ball blew off the tee. You're the ref. What's the call?


The Chester Crocodiles trail by a goal in the final minute of play against the Rowayton Rangers. The Crocodiles pull its goalie to get an extra attacker on the ice. The extra Crocodiles forward fires a shot on goal, but Rangers goalie Leonard Brill makes the save. Brill sees lots of open ice in front of him, so he decides to take a shot at the empty Crocodiles net. He busts out of his crease, races up ice with the puck, and shoots the puck from just inside his blue line. The puck skitters down the ice and into the net for what appears to be the game-clinching goal. But the Crocodiles protest. They claim that goalies aren't allowed to handle the puck outside their goal crease. Did Brill score a goal or did he earn a penalty?


Rasheeda Daniels is serving during a tennis match against Sasha Foust. Daniels tosses the ball into the air but doesn't like the toss and lets it drop. She picks the ball up on the first bounce and again gets ready to serve. But Sasha shouts that Daniels should be charged with a fault for allowing the ball to hit the ground. You're the chair ump. What's the call?

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Sean Tiffany said...

ANSWER: The Express do not get another chance. A kickoff is legal once it goes 10 yards or is touched by the receiving team. It doesn't matter if it was kicked on or off the tee. The Force take possession where they recovered the ball.

ANSWER: The goal counts. Brill can still play the puck anywhere in front of his net, up to the red line. NHL rules only limit where goalies can handle the puck behind the goal line.

ANSWER: You do not charge Daniels with a fault. Under USTA rules, a player who decides not to hit a serve may allow the ball to bounce or catch it.