Thursday, December 24, 2015

Happy Holidays!

It's been a while since I've written here but I figured Christmas Eve was as good a time to restart the blog as any. We'll see if I can get back on a regular writing schedule as the new year starts.

My trip to Maine went well. It was good to see my family and the island and the ocean again. Every time I go it makes me miss my Mom and Dad even more and it's especially hard for me being this far away from them at this time of year. I call them every week but it's not the same as taking a walk on the beach with my Mom or sitting down and watching a movie with my Dad. I wish I lived closer or could get back more often.

I got back to Colorado and got OilCan Drive back on track and have been doing pretty well on getting new pages posted every week. I am in the home stretch and only have about three or four more pages to pencil before the third book is close to being done.

I have some plans once the new book is done including recording the new album (the demos are done and I've been writing lyrics for the song) and doing a short five page comic about Ryan and Lily for the booklet insert of the album. I figure that not only will it be fun to do a short story about the history of their relationship but it will give me a little time to write and layout the fourth book in the OilCan Drive adventure.

Work has been okay. Sports Illustrated has been really great this year with my regular monthly gig (I'll be showing off more of that artwork soon) but, other than them, it has been my worst year yet. Luckily I'm doing okay and have saved enough not to have to go back to a job-type-job yet but it still worries me from time to time. I've been updating my portfolio sites and slowly building an update to my personal website so we'll see if that helps. And I have been making contact with old clients to see if there might be some work to do for them in the coming year.

Maybe it's just the universe's way of telling me to keep going on OilCan Drive and really push it this next year. Luckily I have that project to keep me busy. So, while it feels like it's been the busiest year I've ever had it's been the least amount I've been able to bill out to clients.

But, I'm happy, healthy, have some savings, and I'm really loving working on OilCan Drive. I just hope I won't have to sell a kidney (or a guitar from my collection) anytime soon.

I hope you're all doing well, spending the holidays with loved ones, and are doing well in your life. I'll see you all soon!