Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sorry About The Mess

Here is a piece I did a few weeks ago as an idea for a new t-shirt design.

Since I was six years old I've loved Star Wars. My Mom brought me to see the first movie in the theater and I was just hooked. I particularly liked Han Solo and loved the scene in the cantina where Solo nonchalantly blew away Greedo and then left, but not before throwing the bartender a bit of coin saying, "sorry about the mess."

Working in more than a few retail and bartending jobs since then I thought it would be a really funny idea to see the bartender actually have to take care of the mess. Hey, someone had to clean up Greedo off the table and pick up that severed limb left by Obi-Wan off the floor after closing time. I didn't see any Ugnauts or Jawas around helping this guy run the place.

So, I figured it would be up to him.

I'm sure he probably wouldn't be happy about it but it's just the cost of doing business in Mos Eisley so, with a scowl on his face, he grabs his old mop and bucket made from an R2 unit and gets to work.

Unfortunately the piece wasn't picked up by any of the shirt companies I usually deal with. I thought it would make a really funny shirt but I guess I might be the only one.

Still, it made for a fun cartoon and it's my pleasure to finally be able to show it off. Plus, I got to draw Greedo and something akin to Star Wars so that is never a bad thing.

Here are a few process shots as the piece was being penciled and inked on my desk before being scanned into the computer for color.

Oh, and the fun part about the color is that I had to do it in less than eight colors and that includes black and white. So, basically, I had to paint with six colors and somehow make it work. It made for a fun challenge and I think I pulled it off okay for a complex enough piece.

I hope you enjoy the piece and I'm sorry it won't be made into a t-shirt. But, there is always next time!

Have a great one and I'll see you all soon!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Sports Illustrated Kids July

 As I work my way through the September illustrations for the monthly Sports Illustrated Kids "What's The Call" article I thought it would be a great time to show off the pieces I did for the July issue!

As usual, there is a play on the field and it's up to you, as the official, to make the right call. So, you tell me, what's the call?

Jump Ball Block

During a basketball game against the Landover Legends, center Hector Perry of the Charleston Chasers is at the jump circle near his team's basket for a jump ball. He controls the tap and sends the basketball toward his basket. The ball reaches the cylinder of the hoop before it is batted away by Legends forward Ben Barrington. Chasers accuse the Legends of goaltending. But the Legends argue it was a legal block. You're the official. What's the call?

Handy Hold

Montana Movers quarterback Damian Lyons throws a pass to wide receiver Hal Chambers in a football game against the Texas Trainers. As Chambers jumps up to catch the ball, so does Trainers linebacker Julius Stocker. They both have their hands on the ball as they come down to the ground. Both teams argue they have possession of the ball. You're the official. Which team has possession?

Shoe Shock

The Binghamton Blues and the Sausalito Shakers are tied, 2-2, in overtime in a soccer game. Blues midfielder Lesley Manning dribbles into the Shakers' penalty box and takes a shot. But her shoe flies off her kicking foot and whacks Shakers goalie Annie Crow in the shoulder. Crow is stunned by the hit and doesn't react as the ball streaks past her. The Blues celebrate their goal, but the Shakers argue that the goal doesn't count. You're the referee. Does the goal count?

Good luck and see you all soon!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Oink Oink!

If you're a fan of mine from Germany, love pigs, and send me a nice letter including a self addressed envelope and enough money for return postage, this is what you might get back!

Thank you Hans and Ulrike!

Oink Oink!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sports Illustrated Kids June

It's a little late but here are the illustrations I did for the "What's The Call" article appearing in the June issue of Sports Illustrated Kids. You're the official during the game and something really weird goes down. You tell me, what's the call?

Heads Will Roll

During Lynne Edison's first swing of a golf tournament, the head of her golf club falls off of the shaft. As she completes the swing, the head of the club rolls and hits the golf ball. You're the official. Does this count as a stroke?

Icing the Kicker

Tennessee Terriers kicker Carl Moynihan lines up for a game-winning 41-yard attempt against the Missouri Monarchs. Just as Moynihan looks up for the snap, Monarchs head coach Bruce Baskerville calls a time out to "ice," or disrupt, the kicker. Moynihan makes the kick, but it's waved off due to the timeout. As Moynihan prepares for his second attempt, Baskerville motions for another timeout. The Terriers claim the Monarchs cannot call two consecutive time outs to ice the kicker. You're the official. Can the Monarchs call two straight timeouts before an opponent's field goal attempt?

No Backsies

Georgia Gems catcher Jelani Hendricks hits a home run out of the ballpark against the Washington Willows. Hendricks tags first base, but misses second. When his foot touches third base, Willows first base coach signals to the umpire that Hendricks did not tag first second base. Hendricks runs back to second, but the Willows argue he cannot retreat. You're the umpire. Can Hendricks retouch second base before heading to home plate?

Good luck! I hope you make the right call!

Friday, July 3, 2015

OilCan Drive Track 3!

The newest chapter of OilCan Drive begins today over on the OilCan Drive website!

After showing off the 24 Hour Comic I did last fall for the past few months I am finally launching the third chapter in the OilCan Drive adventure. The gang finally makes their way into the big bad wasteland of the Zone. But, what will they find out there and how will they track down Lily and the rest of Brick's Wild Wonders of the Waste? I, for one, am definitely looking forward to seeing what happens. It really feels great to get back to my favorite little cartoon band after being away from them for far too long!

I did a few different variations of the cover for the third book. Originally I kept with the warm color scheme I had used on the first two books but, because the looks on all the characters' faces reminded me of some old Scooby-Doo type horror movie, I decided to try a more cool toned approach to the cover. It came off feeling a bit TOO cool. So, finally, I tried a mix of both covers, using the warm colors on the characters and the cool colors on the background and I that is the one I ended up going with. I think it works.

But, enjoy the variations on the tones and moods of all three untitled and uncropped covers.

Now, I just need to write and draw the rest of the book. Ah well, I have a whole seven days until next Friday to figure out what happens next. Tons of time!

Here we go, finally, into the Zone! It's going to be one hell of a ride!

I hope you all come along!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happy July!

Hello everybody and happy July!

June passed by way too quick but I got a bunch of work done, had a few adventures, and even spent a week in Nashville visiting a friend.

This month's header was a piece I did for an alcoholic drink campaign. I'll show off the can designs I did soon enough but, for now, enjoy the Tiger Boy I came up with as a mascot for the drink. Right now he is one of my newest favorite characters.

And the visit to Nashville went great. I spent a week there messing around with music and learning a few new tricks. And, on the last day I was there, I had a chance to have breakfast with my sister-in-law and her Dad, both of whom were in Nashville for her Dad's book signing. And, lucky me, her Dad brought me a gift. Years ago he had bid on a guitar at a charity event and it had been sitting in his closest for the last ten years. So, I got to fly home with a brand new 1994 Les Paul guitar! You just can't beat that!

That makes two out of the three times I've been to Nashville result in me coming home with a new guitar. Who knows what will happen next time! I might need to make a wish list!

Okay, everyone. I hope you're having a great July so far and that those of you in the good ol' US of A have a great holiday weekend. Talk to you soon!