Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bikini Summer

Last week was absolutely nuts between juggling the plumbing work and the client work. I am still trying to finish up the client work today but, while the plumber was doing his thing and I was waiting for approval from the client on some submitted work, I had a chance to work a bit more on the Lily piece.

It's always fun to put tan lines on sexy girls but it's even funnier on Lily because it seems, as she tans, she just turns a darker shade of purplish gray. But, I still love her.

I figure it's not really summer unless I find time to do at least one sexy pin-up piece. Luckily, Lily never seems camera shy and is always up for posing.

Originally I was just going to give Lily some giant sunglasses but I really liked the idea of being able to see her eyes through the lenses. It may not be apparent at first look but I like to know they are there.

Here is a screen shot of the work in progress so you can see a bit more detail in the eyes. I've been told by a few fellow artists that I sometimes work too much and put in details that aren't needed. But, I can't help it, I like to know stuff like that is there.

I hope you enjoy the piece and have a great day. For me, it's back to work!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


It's been a crazy week so far with a lot of plumbing projects going on around the house the last couple of days. It's made for interesting work days when half your day is spent talking to a plumber and trying to hold off the property manager from turning the water back on while he is working.

But, through all of that I got a bit of client work done and got a chance to work on the newest Lily piece a little bit more. Inks are done and I got a chance to tackle the color today as well. But, I figure I'll hold off and show that off tomorrow.

For now, enjoy a photo from the art table showing of the inks and a little sketch that was next to it.

Have a good one!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

And the Pencil Sketch

Between writing and producing a video and client work I finally found some time to get back to the Lily piece I've been working on this last week.

It's coming along and I'm sure I'll use it as a warm up piece for inking sometime this weekend. I just penciled another piece for the OilCan Drive universe that is super crazy and I think I'll need a bit of a warm up with the brush and ink before I jump in and tackle it.

And this piece of Lily might fit the bill perfectly!

Enjoy the fun and have a great day!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Blue Line Pencil Sketch

It's been another week of putting things together, writing a lot, and doing a few other things that have nothing to do with what I love, doing artwork.

But, I did find some time to sketch out a new piece I've been meaning to get to for a while. It's a new piece of Lily in (and out of) a bikini. Pencils should be done soon and then it's on to ink and color.

But I figured it's been a while and you deserve to see something new. So, here is the start of something new!

Have a great day!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy July!

I was planning to do a more summer themed header for July but it might have to wait until August. Hopefully it will be worth the wait because I guarantee what I have in mind will be fune, cute, and sexy.

After finishing with the Denver Comic Con earlier in June I thought I'd finally have some time to relax and take some time off for myself. But, I jumped right from that to fixing the rest of the OilCan Drive website, writing the script for the next OilCan Drive book, doing freelance work for a few long time clients, and writing and putting together a Kickstarter campaign for the OilCan Drive project.

I've put a deadline on myself to launch the Kickstarter campaign before August 1st and I've already planned and written a lot of stuff for it. I keep going back and forth on what might work and what might not but, in the end, I won't know until I try it. So, I'll put it together, pull the trigger, and we'll see what happens. Updates will soon follow as I get closer to launching.

With all that stuff going on you can see why there hasn't been too much new art to show. But, I have a few plans for some new pieces and I'll definitely keep you up to date with what I'm working on.

For now, it's back to work. Have a great July!