Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Laughing Goat Christmas Show

I did another quick sit in at Lou's Laughing Goat Christmas show. There's no audio this time but I was lucky enough to have Monika snap a few photos during my time on stage. Maybe next time I'll actually get a recording AND pictures? Hell, in this age, you'd think I could pull it together enough to actually get a video. But, not yet.

It went well, once again no one threw anything at me and, near as I can tell, no one's ears bled. The music was mixed a bit odd and I never got really comfortable. I hope it sounded good. With no recording of the show, I'll never know.

As with the first show, Lou helped out on bass. It's, at the same time, a help and challenge to have him on stage with me. It's a help in that there is at least someone else up there to use as a human shield in case the crowd gets rowdy and decides to rush the stage. It's a challenge in that none of the songs are really that well rehearsed between the two of us and he ends up going off on his own at some points. So, I'm left to try and drown him out while concentrating on the music and lyrics I should be playing myself.

At the end of the night I was given the duty to play percussion on a few of Lou's songs. With Santa hat on head, I did my best to keep the beat with the only percussion instrument available...a crash cymbal. Oh, and for drum sticks...a pair of chop sticks. Never let it be said that one of Lou's shows skimps on gear for its performers.

How do you keep the beat using only a crash cymbal, you ask? By hitting it on every part I could find. Hitting the bell for certain parts, the middle part for rhythm, and the edge for the crashes. It worked out well but some of Lou's songs have odd timing that changes throughout the song. So, like playing my own songs, playing along with him on his own songs is a challenge.

I think, by this time, at the end of the show, there were so few people there that no one cared what we did.

It was a fun show and, if I can get the courage up again, I'll be doing it again in the future.

I might not wear the hat next time though.

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rob! said...

wow, impressive. takes major guts just to get up and do it! nice job.