Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Denver Comic Con 2014

The 2014 Denver Comic Con is done and in the books! It was a lot of fun but it totally wiped me out. I definitely need to train harder for next year's event! But, after the convention, doing client work, and getting sick a few times, I hope I can get the OilCan Drive story back on track in July and get the second book finished!

Still, bringing the book out to the public is always a blast. It's one thing to sit in your studio and work away and put stuff online but it's a whole other thing to get out there, sell actual books, meet new people, and catch up with old friends in the art community. You just can't beat it.

And, when someone finds OilCan Drive for the first time and tells you that they really like the art and story it really makes moving the gear,  waking up early, and not eating right all worth it. What is especially fun is when you go up to an artist you really love with the full intent of buying some of their work, give them a pack of your stuff, and have them want to trade you for it instead of taking your money. It makes it all feel worthwhile.

Now I have a whole year to figure out my next plan of attack for the 2015 Denver Con. I want to make a new booth display, get some more books done, and make some more prints. I'm hoping it gets bigger and better every year.

Slowly, ever so slowly, my little cartoon band is getting out into the world and gaining a fan base.

Now, it's time to get back to making the book. Thank you for your patience. I hope it's worth the wait.

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