Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy February!

Alright! I've put this off long enough. I've been away from the blogger world for far too long and it's about time I got it all started again. I figured the start of the month with a new header would be a perfect a time to start writing again so here we go!

These last few months have flown by and I've spent a lot of my time trying to get the latest issue of OilCan Drive done. I've been pretty good about getting the weekly pages up since I got back from my trip to Maine in October. And now I've almost even gotten a little bit ahead. The penciled art for the newest issue are all done and I have two more pages to ink until the bulk of the work is complete. I'm shooting to get the whole book done and laid out and to the printer by the end of the month for the upcoming convention season. I think I am on track to get that done but we'll see what happens.

I've also been making more music with Lou. Each Saturday we get together and spend the day working on songs. We've come up with some really neat stuff and I'll be sure to show some of that off in the coming days. I've even gotten into video production using Lou as my guinea pig. We shot a video last fall and I finally found the time to edit it all together. So I am now an official director! Ha ha. I'll have to add that to my resume.

And, as always I've been doing what client work I can. It's been a little slow these past few months so I am always thankful to keep doing my monthly gig with the great folks at Sports Illustrated Kids. I know I am WAY behind in showing off that work so it's something I'll get to in future posts as well. But this month's blog header is a newer piece I did for them and I was really happy with the way it turned out.

Plus, doing comic pages has been taking up a lot of my time and I haven't been able to do any fun single illustrations for myself lately. Hopefully once I get this book done I can get to some new painted pieces. My fingers are crossed.

Okay, that wasn't too painful. The first blog post back after a long hiatus is always the worst so hopefully it gets easier from here.

Happy February everyone! I'll talk to you soon!

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