Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Pages from the OilCan Drive Script

These are the last two pages I ended up finishing before I had to abandon the hundreds and hundreds of pages long graphic novel for OilCan Drive.

The third page in the book transitioned from Ryan telling the interviewer his story and right into a story about a long dead rock star who was a voice for his generation.

Of course I was channeling a bit of my love for Kurt Cobain into this page. Over the last few years I've read a number of biographies of Cobain and, each time, I hope the ending of the new book gets better than the last one.

But, of course, it never does. It always ends bad.

So, I figured, in my world, maybe Cobain faked his own death and was living out in the middle of the desert somewhere. Just biding his time, living his life, and waiting for a couple of up and coming rock and roll brats to find him.

This page was a bit of back story in order to set up those future pages.

And, in this page, one which I couldn't wait to get to, I featured Ryan Burke and Vincent Spicer's assault on a military held radio blimp. In the future, the military controls the airwaves and the only way for an up and coming musician to get their music featured is to actually do "pirate radio" one better and actually take over one of these blimps.

It was also a great chance to do the typical "hero shot" as the smoke clears and our heroes are seen in action for the first time.

So, out of three hundred or so pages I wound up with a grand total of four done. Oh, there are more penciled pages that are laying around the studio but only four of them got the finishing touch.

But, fear not, OilCan Drive is still alive and kicking. Just in a different form.

On to bigger and better things.

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