Saturday, August 1, 2009

Don't Look So Desperate

My art has shown up on YouTube for the band, So Long Lisa's, first single, "Don't Look So Desperate."

As Cirian Devlin, the bass player and guy who contacted me to do their cover, puts it:

"If you guy remember I posted a few weeks ago about how my band placed in a battle of the bands. We got 2 days paid recording in a local studio. Here's one of the the results.

We are So Long Lisa - a three piece power pop punk band from the big/small town of Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

"7 Signs You're A Super Hero" will be released, come the Summer of 2009 and we can't wait for you guys & girls to hear it!

So, there you go. Before I could even get my own artwork for OilCan Drive up on YouTube, someone's already beaten me to it. Enjoy the artwork and the song.


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Is that a good 'wow' or a bad 'wow'? ha ha