Friday, July 31, 2009

From the Vault - Venom Painting 1995

It's been a busy week of inking and I've been so consumed with it I've forgotten to take any photos of the process. I just get right in the middle of it and don't lift my head until the end of the night when it's time to go to bed.

It's usually around that time that I think, "oh, I didn't take any photos today...ooops!"

But, I couldn't forget "From the Vault Fridays"!

Continuing the theme from the last few weeks I've pulled out another airbrushed painting from 1995. Apparently I had some time on my hands back then because I did a few of these in between painting stuff for Marvel and starting the Exit 6 comic book.

This piece features the Spider-Man villain, Venom, a sort of evil version of the old web-head. Like last weeks piece I did the same ghost image technique of the Venom head while I did his alter ego, Eddie Brock, in a pretty much straight forward way. I think, at this point, I might have abandoned the idea of doing video game covers and decided to do pieces to appeal to someone I already had contact with, Marvel Comics. At the very least, I know I made copies of these and sold them as prints at comic conventions.

I do remember one person being angry that I was calling color copies of the paintings "prints" and selling them. We had a bit of a discussion but they still ended up buying a few. I guess some people feel it's their right to gripe a bit if they are paying you. But, in the end, they liked the work enough to want to take a piece of it home.

And, since this is a photo of the painting, forgive the glare the flash made while I was taking shots of it. If anything else, it does add a bit to the painting.

OK, back to inking. Have a great weekend!

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