Friday, June 11, 2010

From The Vault - The Shift 1995

Back while I was working mainly for Marvel Comics I was painting not only my own work but a bunch of other artists. So, I figured, if I was already painting over other artists I didn't know why not paint over an artist who was my best friend?

In 1995 both my friend, Craig Patrick, and I were planning on self publishing comic books together. We both had ideas for books for years and figured, with the new wave of self publishing flourishing, it was time to put our ideas out into the world. My story, EXIT 6, finally saw print in 1998. Craig's idea, The Shift, a book that dealt with werewolves, is a book the world is (or at least I am) still waiting for.

But, back in 1995, we still had the world at our feet and both seemed gung-ho to get these stories out there.

At the time I was trying to paint my own work using a variety of techniques such as airbrushing, colored pencils, Dr. Martins dyes, and acrylic paint. I'd done a few successful attempts on my own and thought the look I had developed might look cool over Craig's work. So, I took his pencils, traced them over to a piece of illustration board, and went to work.

Here's the results as well as Craig's original penciled piece.

Well, EXIT 6 didn't sell well and I had to stop doing it. I think my "failure" might have been enough to make Craig gun shy and not attempt to put his own book out there. But, while I am still always working on my own projects (like OilCan Drive) I'm sad to see not much new illustration work from Craig. I've always loved his work and looked up to him as an inspiration.

Maybe someday, someday, we'll see a Shift comic book out of him.

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