Friday, June 25, 2010

From The Vault - Winnie the Pooh 1996

Well, as you may have guessed, from my lack of posts this last week it's been kind of busy here around the studio. But, that doesn't mean I'd ever forget our "From the Vault" Fridays!

I promise to get back on track with the blog this week and explain all that's been happening around here tomorrow but, for now, into the vault!

This Winnie the Pooh piece was done back in early 1996, sometime right before I loaded up my jeep, left New Jersey, and headed west to Colorado. It was done for the girlfriend of a friend at the time and I'm not sure if it was for her birthday, some other special occasion, or just for something to do at the time.

But, it was obviously done for a girl named Erica and painted in the technique I was using at the time incorporating Dr. Martin's dyes, acrylics, airbrush, brush, and colored pencil on illustration board.

I'm really enjoying finding these old paintings and they're really making me nostalgic for the old airbrush again. Maybe someday, if I ever find the free time, I'll have to break the airbrush out of the vault and see if I can still paint with it.

But, until then, have a great day and a wonderful weekend!


Manu Mane said...

Hi Sean ! Don't mind, for one time, I think I can speak for everybody. We know you are very busy, and if you're not on board, you have good reasons, so we just have wait quietly for you ! :) )

I really love this Winnie ! It seems this colouring technique fits perfectly to your animated style ! Even more, I would say it adds something more to the drawing. You rock my friend ! :) )

Jeff Lafferty said...

Great piece dude, love the colors