Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Coraline Trailer Test

In the middle of doing a few freelance projects I had time to do another video test last week. Of course, the free time I found was at 2am on a Friday night but I still managed to find it.

This time I tried taking existing clips of a movie and make them fit a different song. Since I originally had the movie Coraline in my head when I did a cover of the Bob Dylan song "It Ain't Me Babe" I decided to use clips from that movie.

I went to YouTube and found two different movie trailers and pulled them off the web. But, when I went looking for a version of my Dylan cover on this computer it was nowhere to be found. I didn't want to turn my other computer on just to get the song so I used The Outlets' song "Someday" and started to work.

I think it came out pretty well and hit the beats I wanted it to hit. The only thing I don't like is that I forgot to take some of the wording out of the original trailer in the start and it feels a bit wonky as the music is going. But, in the end I left it in because it led up to the great shot of Coraline first hitting the mirror that works right in time with the music.

So, another test done.

I'm not sure what kind of little project like this I am going to tackle next but it is a great distraction from drawing client work all day.

Maybe if I get some free time this Friday at 2am I'll do something new...

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Sean Tiffany said...

Jeff, glad you liked the video. Thanks for the comment over on YouTube!