Thursday, August 5, 2010


It never fails.

Every time I finish a long stretch of work and finally get some time off a few things always happen. First, I get the job done and I'm free and clear and have some time to myself. Second, I still have that weird adrenaline rush from working so much and I feel like the man who has run off the cliff but his legs are still moving like mad. Third, I finally accept that I am done and have some time off.

Then, inevitably, I get sick.

Today seemed to be the worst of it. I started feeling bad last night so I took it easy. I was looking forward to getting as much sleep as I could but Monika hitting the snooze alarm for the fifth time early this morning had me awake and not able to get back to sleep. After she left for work I brought my laptop into the bedroom to watch a movie or TV so I could have something to occupy my mind and hopefully lull me back to sleep. But, nothing seemed to work. Finally, after two hours of being awake I put some music. That seemed to hit the spot and I fell back to sleep with the soothing sounds of Angels and Airwaves in my ears.

I finally woke up at 1pm.

I got some food into me, took a shower and took it easy most of the day. After dinner I fell asleep again for a few hours and woke up at 10pm. Now, a little after midnight and my internal clock is all screwed up.

So much for my plan to try and ink this new Ryan Burke OilCan Drive piece I penciled yesterday.

But I am feeling better now.

So, maybe tomorrow...

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