Monday, February 21, 2011

The Airborne Toxic Event Acoustic

When The Airborne Toxic Event released their first album they promoted it by doing one song acoustically each week until they had performed every song on the album. It was such a simple concept and, I felt, a really great way to get their music out there into the world. Each week they would set up their gear, position the microphones, and perform in such locations like a tour boat, an old railway yard, and the back of a car.

So, for their new album they are doing more of the same.

As you can see from this video that debuted last week not only have they kept the simple idea of setting up acoustically and performing the song live and in one take but things seem to have gotten a

From the starting simple guitar and vocals the song really builds. The rest of the band comes in and then are joined by even more musicians as the song peaks. Then it all comes back down and we are left with the singer and guitar to lead us out of the song. The energy of this song is amazing and the lyrics are really moving. Much like the song's music that starts slowly, builds, peaks, and then settles back down, the lyrics follow us through a lifetime, starting at birth and ending in death.

It's a really beautiful and amazing song and I can't believe that, only a few short weeks ago, that I was in the same room as these people.

Enjoy the fun. I'm sure they'll do it again this week.

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