Friday, February 18, 2011

From The Vault - Scott Kolins Doctor Doom 1993

Here is another piece of art I painted as a sample when I was putting together a package to send to Marvel to try and get some coloring and air brushing work.

At the time, just after school, when most of my classmates left and went back home, one of the few guys who stayed in New Jersey that I could still hang out with was Scott Kolins. Yes, that Scott Kolins, the guy who's worked all over the comic book industry and has made a pretty decent name for himself. We used to hang out, go to movies, and talk a lot of art.

He was living with an inker, John Holdredge, and the three of us did a few pieces of art to sell at conventions. Scott would pencil, John would ink, and I would color.

Doctor Doom here was one of about five or six pieces we did together.

And yes, I think it was pieces like this that helped me land a bunch of regular gigs at Marvel over the years. So, thank you, Scott. I've lost touch with him over the years but I'll always have great memories of hanging out.

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rob! said...

You did a kick-ass job on this piece.