Sunday, December 29, 2013

Henry Pencil Sketch

As the month of December comes to an end I'm already gearing up for the start of January with a new pencil sketch for the blog header.

January will feature the fourth member of OilCan Drive and maybe one of the funnest to draw, Henry, the band's bass playing gorilla.

I rarely draw Henry standing straight up since I'm always trying to fit him in the space with the other members of the band. This means he has to always hunch down to make sure his smiling face is always seen. So, it's been a nice change to draw him standing straight up with his bass in hand.

And, unfortunately, I misjudged the space in the drawing again and had to draw the headstock of Henry's guitar as a separate piece. I'll paste it all together once I scan it into the computer but you'd think I would have figured this out by now. Ah, well.

Inks will begin on this soon. January is closing in on me!

Have a great one!

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