Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sports Illustrated Kids April

I am finishing up the latest round of illustrations for the Sports Illustrated Kids "What's The Call" article this weekend so I thought this would be the perfect time to show off the illustrations I did for the April issue. The magazine should still be out on the racks so run out, grab a copy, and see if you can decide What's The Call!!!

Tight End Toss
Huntington Hikers tight end Quincy Bradley jumps up to catch a seven yard pass. While he is in the air, Bradley quickly tosses the ball backwards to Hikers offensive lineman Maurice Patton, who is an ineligible receiver. Patton runs for 10 yards after the catch. You're the official. Is this a legal catch?

Lucky Number Seven
During an overtime timeout in a college basketball game against the Roanoke Runners, Dayton Dunkers point guard Caleb Ingram quickly changes his torn jersey on the sideline. He switches to a jersey with a different number, from 11 to seven.  The team doesn't report the change before play begins. With less than a minute left, Ingram hits a three-pointer to tie the game. The Runners point out the jersey change to the referees after the shot. You're the official. Should the Dunkers be penalized for the jersey switch?

Missing The Point

The Caldwell Clovers have been awarded a crucial penalty kick against the Culver City Captains in a soccer game. Clovers striker Marsha Mahoney is taking the kick—but she's so nervous that she misses the ball. Captains goalie LaToya Barton, guessing which way the shot would go, has already leapt to her left. Mahoney recovers and boots the ball into the empty net. Barton jumps to her feet and shouts that the kick shouldn't count. You're the ref. Is she right? 

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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