Monday, May 11, 2015

Long Distance #2 Variant Cover

Since it has now been officially solicited I guess it's safe for me to show off the variant cover I did for my friend Thom Zahler's IDW book, "Long Distance."

I teased a few of the background images on the blog over the last few months but I thought it might be best to hold off on the final image until the book was officially out in the world and ready to be ordered.

Long Distance is a relationship and dating book and, because of this, coming up with an interesting idea for the cover wasn't the easiest thing to do. But, Thom gave me a few ideas and told me what the interior of the story covered. When he told me they went on a date to the Natural History Museum in Chicago and saw the giant T-Rex fossil there I figured that would be something pretty cool to draw.

After doing a bit of reference on the T-Rex fossil I did my best to draw his characters in my own style and called it a day. I'm really happy with the way this cover came out and I'm really enjoying reading Thom's new book.

If you'd like more information on Long Distance and all the ways you can order the newest copy you can check out its IDW page HERE.

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