Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Happy June and a bunch of process shots!

Happy June everybody!

Sorry again for being a few days late with the newest blog header. The month ends these days far quicker than I'd like and I find myself always struggling to get something new up for each month's header. Plus, I am still reeling from doing the Denver Comic Con a week and a half ago. I should definitely do a recap post about the con with some of the photos I took. Maybe later this week. It was a great time but it really left me exhausted.

This month I did a new piece of Lily that will be posted on the OilCan Drive web comic site later this month. Basically I am giving myself two weeks off before I run the next chapter of the book and I needed a little placeholder to let people know when the next story starts.

So, who better to fill the space with her lovely face than Lily?

Below are a bunch of production photos I took while working on the piece and you can see my process from pencils to inks to computer color to finish. And, finally, at the bottom, is how the piece will look on the OilCan Drive site. So, yes, if you're checking this post out from the OCD web page, you are getting a sneak preview!

Enjoy the new Lily piece, enjoy the month, and I'll talk to you all soon. The convention recap is coming up next!

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