Saturday, April 2, 2016

OilCan Drive Logos

Last fall, while I was in Maine visiting my family, I had the idea to take existing logos that I found interesting and change them into OilCan Drive logos.

So far I've only gotten to three of the ideas but I really like the way they turned out and I have plans to do more.

The first one is based off of the Floyd's Barbershop logo. I loved the retro styling of their design and thought it would be a good logo to attempt first as it really fit into the OilCan Drive aesthetic.

Next I found an old motorcycle logo that featured the sillouette of an old bike and the idea of some sort of retro motorcycle club. I thought putting the OilCan Drive cloudhopper airship into the logo might work well and I came up with this one. I love the way both this and the Floyd's logo both have that old distressed look like they have been worn away by time or faded from too much use.

Finally, I came up with the Princess of The Wastelands Diner logo. This was based off a logo that caught my eye while I was in Maine and started me on this whole path in the first place. We were at the Miss Portland Diner in Portland, Maine having a little breakfast when their logo caught my eye. I didn't like the idea of simply making it an "OilCan Drive Diner" kind of thing so I took the name Lily is called in the first book, "The Princess of the Wasteland," and ran with it. I think this one is my favorite as it's still an OilCan Drive design but just a little more subversive and not quite in your face.

I liked all of these designs so much that I chose to put them on t-shirts and place them in my NeatoShop store. I have one of each myself and you can get yours now too.

The best story of these shirts is when I was wearing the Floyd's design last weekend at a convention and a guy stopped me and asked if I was with OilCan Drive. Being the sole person who works on the OilCan Drive project I could only answer him one way:

"Oh yeah, I AM OilCan Drive."

And the shirts and these designs just help me prove it.

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