Sunday, April 10, 2016

Penciling Away!

 It's been a busy last couple of weeks which has found me spending more time in Denver in the last two weeks than I probably spent there all last year combined. But, it has all been fun. I went to a new convention (which I'll talk about soon), saw a couple of concerts, spent some time with friends, and had a really good time. But it has meant that I've been spending a lot more time away from the drawing board and on the road than I am used to.

Still, I've been getting some work done.

It seemed to be easier for me to get the sequential pages for the OilCan Drive project done than the stuff I am working on now. With the story pages I knew I had to have a page done every week and I found myself falling into a nice rhythm in order to get everything completed and posted.
But, now that the main story is finished, I'm finding it hard to keep track of all the other little pieces I need to get done to get the book to print. There is also additional art I want to get done in order to do a few limited edition prints for this summer's conventions and the art I need for the packaging of the new OilCan Drive album (which I am also working rest for the wicked.)

Plus, I've decided that I finally have enough work put into the OilCan Drive story that I can do a big 220 page collected book which I am also trying to get done for this summer.

All this means is that I am juggling a lot of different things now and my mantra has become, "the only thing left to do is everything."

But, I am slowly chopping away at all the things I need to do and checking things here and there off of my list. I think I should be fine getting all the things I want done. I figure if I do a bit each day, a bit each week, and a bit each month, I should be fine.

And, if not, ah well. It doesn't mean it won't ever get done. It just means it won't get done right this moment and I am becoming okay with that.

It's a long life and I am sure I'll get to everything at some point.

For now, enjoy all the pencil sketches for the things that will appear here and there later this summer. It's definitely going to be a roller coaster but I wouldn't miss this ride for the world!

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