Friday, June 12, 2009

From The Vault - Spider-Man 2008

I know this image was put up on my previous blog but since it hasn't shown up on this blog yet and isn't anywhere on my website I figure it was fair game to be called "From the Vault".

This piece was done as part of the "Jelly of the Month", a collection of artists who, once a month, chose a random topic and then went off into their own corners to create some art. The month I did Spider-Man was, of course, for a Marvel Comics month.

It was always great to have some kind of art project that wasn't for a client and wasn't for some personal project that I could just do for fun. Unfortunately, near the end I just got so busy that I had to skip a few months. The last month the Jelly was running was March and the topic was "The Watchmen". I guess a lot of us got busy because Rob Kelly was the only member who submitted anything.

Since then it's just been quiet.

And, even though I didn't contribute much near the end I still miss the fun of just doing a fun piece of art for the sake of doing a fun piece of art. I think I really need to do more of that. Something that's not for a client, not for a kid's book, and not for the OilCan Drive project. Something that's totally random and fun and I can finish in a day or two.

Yeah, I need to do more of that.


Jeff Lafferty said...

Awesome! Too bad your not the artist on the monthly Spiderman,I might read it then.

rob! said...

I think Jelly's gone. I haven't heard anything in forever.

I hate that my piece is the only Watchmen one there--I don't think its that great, and I liked it better when my stuff was hidden among all the other pieces. :)