Monday, June 29, 2009

I Know...

The inking on the OilCan Drive pages is going well. It's been a grind at times but I've widdled away at it and I only have seven pages left to go. The ink seems to have been flowing really well these last few days so I'm hoping I can keep it up and have the whole interior of the book done in the next week or so.

While riding my bike around town tonight and listening to a band called the Outlets I realized it's been a while since I talked about the music side of OilCan Drive. So, I finally got the guts to put up another very very rough idea for a new song. It took a while because, while I like the idea of this song, I'm actually singing on it as well as playing the guitar. And, like I said, it's rough.

As before, these recordings are really just meant for me to get my ideas down for the music before I forget them. Too many times, even if I write down the chords and the progression, I'll forget how the melody goes or how I'm actually strumming the guitar. So, recording these ideas has been a God send.

The idea for this song came to me really quickly on a day when I had to run out of the house in ten minutes. It started with one simple chord and when the melody came into my head I knew I had to capture that little snippet on tape. And, I had very little time. What happened from there is interesting.

What started as just one chord and a simple melody changed as I played it. You can actually hear me changing chords as my voice struggles to keep up and change the melody. And then, from no where, a chorus appears.

I think it's clear in the playing and my voice that I was definitely channeling something for a few minutes. I listened back to it and a driving drum beat easily came into my head. When I got home later that night I arranged the whole thing in a few minutes. For now, it's working title is "I Know."

So, this is a song I am dying to do a full recording of. But, like most songs, it has very humble beginnings. I hope you can hear something fun in the first attempt I had at remembering how it went. Don't judge me too harshly :)

And, if the embedded player doesn't work, you can find the original MP3 file HERE.

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Jeff Lafferty said...

Its cool hearing the creative process for the music, nice one.