Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Customer Service

A while back my friend Adam let me know about a new pair of headphones he had purchased in a Nashville music store. He said they were the best pair of headphones he'd ever owned and that I had to get a pair for myself. Always trusting Adam I sent him some money and he bought me a pair of these headphones and sent them my way.

Equation is a small Nashville based company and one you've probably never heard of. The pair of headphones Adam sent me were the RP-21 model. And, yes, they are, hands down, the best headphones I have ever heard. They sound great while listening to my MP3 player, playing my Roland drums, or recording guitars for the OilCan Drive project. If someone stole these from me I'd cry and then turn around and buy myself a new pair.

So I was a bit worried when, while recording guitars a few weeks ago for the OilCan Drive project, I noticed the left ear was cutting in and out. It was a bit of a distraction to say the least and it threw off a lot of the recording. I jiggled the cord a bit and the sound went in and out. So, I figured, and hoped, the problem was simply with the headphone's cord and not the headphones themselves. I did a Google search looking for a replacement and, while I found a lot of places that sold this smaller company's headphones, I couldn't easily find a place to buy a replacement cord.

I was almost ready to say screw it and buy a new pair of headphones when I figured I'd give it one last shot. I went to Equation's website and hit the contact button. I filled out the fields and sent in my question about my problem and asked if they could point me in the right direction as to where I could find a replacement cord. I hit the send button and figured I'd never hear from them again.

Today I got a call, not an email, from Equation to talk about my problem. I talked with a great guy named C.P. and, after telling him about the headphone cord problem, he not only gave me a website where I could buy a new cord but also told me he was going to send me out a replacement cord free of charge.

Wow. All this from a company I thought I would never hear from again.

So, thank you Equation and C.P. Not only for making a really great product but for some excellent customer service. In this day and age where we're mostly dealing with people and companies through email and the computer it was amazing to get someone on the phone that was so helpful, really stood behind his product, and went out of his way to make me a happy customer.

C.P., your company, your product, and your help really made my day! Thanks again!


rob! said...

Boy, that's rare.

AdamTrap said...

See, I told ya!

; )


Sean Tiffany said...

Rob, I'm still shocked but, like Adam says, he told me so...

It was really nice to find a great company out there who care about both their product and their customers.