Friday, April 2, 2010

From The Vault - OilCan Drive 2003

Another old piece of the boys in OilCan Drive going to work.

Apparently at this time I was still messing with Ryan's wardrobe choices before I put him back in the familiar burgundy and white hockey jersey. This time he was sporting a t-shirt saying "Da Rose." I don't remember if this was in reference to a girl or a bar. It sounds like some sort of bar to me but I really can't remember. It obviously made enough of an impression on me to put it on Ryan's shirt. I just wish I could remember why.

The funny thing about looking at this piece now is that on the headstock of Henry's bass guitar it says "Bubba."

Even though this piece was done two and a half years before I would meet her, "Bubba" is the nickname I call my girlfriend, Monika.

How weird is that?

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