Friday, April 23, 2010

From The Vault - Starbuck 2005

I was digging through my files last night, hoping to find some piece of art that I hadn't shown on the blog yet. After the treasure trove I found under the bed in Maine and a bunch of old OilCan Drive images I had myself set up pretty good for "From The Vault" Fridays. Once those images ran out I started scrambling.

So, when I came across this piece of Kara Thrace, call sign "Starbuck", from the updated Battlestar Galactica series I was amazed I hadn't shown it before.

I did this piece sometime back in 2005. I don't know why I did it but I'm sure it had to be a little bit because of how much I liked the show and how much I liked Starbuck in particular.

The piece was inked with regular sharpie markers and maybe a micron marker here or there. I added touches of gray to the black and white inked (or markered) piece and scanned the whole thing into the computer for color.

When I did the color I did it with a few layers to get some of the effects and tones I was looking for. If I remember correctly, when I took away the basic color layer I was left with the final image. A ghostly image of Kara Thrace against the lonely space background.

I liked it so much I kept a version of that as a finished piece as well.

And here I was scared of running out of pieces to showcase for "From The Vault" Fridays. Not yet. Not when I can still come across pieces of art I haven't posted yet from files or from the old portfolios sitting under my bed...pieces just like this.

And that's what this day is all about.


Jeff Lafferty said...

Cool piece, but I can't belive I missed the last post. Thats awesome man!!!

Sean Tiffany said...

Ha ha! Thanks, Jeff! No one posted any comments on the music post so I just figured I must have royally screwed up and everyone hated it.

Not that everyone hating it would ever stop me!

Manu Mane said...

Hello pals ! I wasn't there so I missed it too ! My move is finished but I won't have internet for a few days. See you soon :))

rob! said...