Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Back To It

One of the worst things about having food poisoning (other than the pain, living in the bathroom, and trying to will your soul to leave your body) is how far I fell behind on all the client work I had lined up this week. Bad enough to feel sick but to also be worrying about losing jobs and making clients angry weighed heavily on my mind as I was lying in bed.

But, I've emailed all the clients and pushed a few things back and all seems well. I love my clients and thank them for understanding. It's hard when you're a one man show and that one man goes down.

Today, things are getting better. I'm feeling better, climbed out of bed, and am back at the drawing board.

Now it's time to tackle some of that work that I've fallen behind on.

1 comment:

Manu said...

You're a serious and very professional person, so your clients understand, and don't get angry, because they know you, and they know they can stand by you. So it gives these good relations of confidence, the key of collaboration for me, so cool. Wish you a good coming back to affairs :)