Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy December

After weeks of being sick, dealing with broken TVs, getting sick again from food poisoning, and dealing with a management company who said me not getting heat in my place was my fault while, in fact, it was there's, has really put me at a point where I am looking over my shoulder wondering what will happen next.

So, I've been quiet, hiding in my studio, hoping whatever "IT" is will just leave me alone and go on to the next person. And, while hiding, I've been frantically working away trying to get caught up on all the client work I fell behind on while I was sick. So, at least I'm being productive. If all goes well I should be caught up by the end of the weekend.

For my new December blog header I'm using the Mr. Mucho Christmas card design from last year so I won't spoil this year's surprise. But, I promise to put up this year's card design promptly on December 25th.

And, as I hear "IT" walking away from my door I promise to post to the blog a bit more.

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