Saturday, June 18, 2011

From The Vault - Three Ninjas Commission 2000

I totally dropped the ball yesterday and forgot to put up the weekly "From The Vault" piece. I started playing music and got so wrapped up in playing bass tracks that the next thing I knew it was eleven at night and I hadn't eaten dinner yet. So, the FTV piece was put off until today.

This week's piece is a commission I did in 2000 for a friend who wanted to give a special Christmas present to his nephews. They were all huge fans of the Three Ninjas movies at the time so he wanted me to draw them in a similar situation.

And I did this piece back when I was still painting with Dr. Martin's Dyes and my trusty old airbrush. I had yet to jump over to coloring in the computer yet. So, there are little errors here and there that I would easily fix with the computer these days but, back then, you did the best you could with your own two hands. But, for a commission piece, it didn't turn out all that bad.

OK, have a great weekend! See you soon!

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