Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nicole Colored

The inks are done and I got the Nicole OilCan Drive doodle illustration scanned into the computer and cleaned up.

And now on to the color.

On most of the pieces I color in the computer with Photoshop I leave the background a light green shade. For some reason it really helps me pick out if I've gone outside the lines by even just a little. And, I think it's actually less stressful on my eyes to stare at a dull green background for an hour or two instead of a bright white background. Then I'll cut around the entire figure and fill it with a light pink color. From there I'll cut all the different colored pieces apart, her flesh, shirt, pants, etc. and just lay in some basic colors.

And then the fun begins.

From there the shading and toning of the figure begins. Sometimes I know where I'm going with the piece and sometimes I surprise myself. But, in the end I always wonder if I could have done something better or taken the piece in a different direction.

But, the figure is colored and now it's time to figure out some kind of cool design to put her in to complete the last piece in the OilCan Drive doodle series.

And, once Nicole is done, I need to figure out what to do with my four new illustrations.

We shall see. Have a great day!


rob! said...

Very nice. Feels very "Who's Who in The Sean Tiffany Universe."

Sean Tiffany said...

Ha ha! Thanks, Robbo. That might be a fun project to do. Because, of course, Exit 6 took place in the present day while OilCan Drive is obviously that universe's future. Hmmmm....