Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's Official

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone! The last few weeks have continued to be busy but the good news is that I'll have a lot of new art to show off once I dig my way out of the pile of work I've found myself in. It's telling that today, on Christmas Eve, I'm still working away trying to get ahead on a few projects before I head out the door and down to Denver.

But, I did find one day off last week and I spent it with Monika going out to do a little shopping. It was the first day we'd had off together in a long time and we decided, since we are getting married next June, to go out and look for a ring. The plan was to get some lunch and then head out of town down to Westminster to look around a few of the bigger diamond suppliers. But, for those of you who live anywhere near me, you know we got a ton of snow dumped on us both Wednesday night and Thursday morning. So, by the time we got out of the house on Thursday the roads were covered in snow and driving down to Westminster wasn't really high on my list of things to want to do.

The roads were so bad I actually got stuck coming out of my garage's driveway. The problem is that once you come out of the garage you take a sharp left turn and then go up a hill. Well, I got half way up the unplowed hill and the tires started spinning. I threw it into four wheel drive but that didn't seem to help at all. I couldn't even back up to the bottom of the small hill to get a jump start. And, even though I was slowly getting up the hill as my wheels spun, I pretty much had myself turned in such a way that I was stuck between the building and the fence to the side with no way to go forward or back. But, with the help of a few guys and a lot of pushing, I got up the hill and out of the neighborhood. Apparently the light on my jeep that says the four wheel drive is engaged simply means the light on my dashboard is working. I don't think I had four wheels going at all. Ah well. We were off.

Because we couldn't head down to one of the bigger diamond whole-salers we decided to see what kind of little shops were around where we were going for lunch. One place, right up the street from the restaurant, looked promising, so we left the jeep and walked over to the small store.

I really enjoyed the place and liked the man who owned it. We looked at a few rings, talked to him, and found one Monika really liked. But, we wanted to check one more seller so we left the store and went to another place across the street. And that place just didn't feel right. It felt very impersonal and not warm at all. After looking at a few rings there we both decided to head back across the street and pull the trigger on the ring Monika really loved.

At the start of our trek Monika was convinced God didn't want us to be married because he had thrown a snow storm in the way of us getting a ring. She wondered why things had to be so hard. But, after finding the ring in this nice little locally owned jewelers I am convinced God had us on the right track all along.

So, here is the engagement ring. And even though Monika was there when I bought it I plan to present it to her tonight at her family's home when we go down to Denver for a Christmas Eve dinner. Hopefully she says yes.

Wish me luck!


Valley Jewelers said...

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Manu said...

Congratulations to the both fianc├ęs ! It's a beautiful ring, indeed ! Does God drive our lives or does he just leave us free to do our own choices ? That's a big question ! He may have put some snow on your way to test your commitment, or to lead you to this warm and nice place ! Or maybe we can have an other interpretation. Sometimes, when you do something very positive for you, or when you obtain a kind of grace, some bad things happen, to make the balance between good and bad. I often notice it in my own life ^^

An other thing we should never forget, is that if God really exists, God is Love, but Devil exists too, and this one wants our loss. So maybe this snow was put by the Devil, just to bore you, or to provoke a car crashing or something like that, and to make Monica doubt. In both cases (God's leadership, or anger of Devil), it means that this union is quite a good thing ! :)

Of course, someone who does not believe in God, or a person who relativizes everything (like myself) will tell the climate is totally independant from God or Devil, but in this other logic, Monika has seen that Sean Tiffany is not the kind of guy who renounces when things don't turn as well as he wanted, and he keeps walking like a true man. Which is very important for a woman. A woman must count on her man. So this is another proof this is okay.

Sean, I think the Universe validates your marriage ! And Doctor Who is probably looking at you ! :) ) ) ) ) )

Sean Tiffany said...

Thanks guys! I always feel like someone is looking out for me and, in the end, it will all work out. If nothing else, it makes for a fun story :)

Sean Tiffany said...
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Anonymous said...

All our best from up here in beautiful (and green) Canada.