Monday, December 26, 2011

Robot Girl Pencils

Continuing the work I showed off in this blog post, I did some more detailed pencil sketches of the robot girl for my client.

My original idea was to make her a bit like a Terminator endo-skeleton but that quickly lost out to the idea of making her a sexy female version of C3-Po from Star Wars. I liked the idea of putting plates all over her body but still having all these gears and wires and circuits still peaking out from under her outer shell. I especially liked all the mess of wires and such I did for her brain.

I sent this first sketch off and the feedback I got was that her face looked a little too cute and fun. It was suggested that maybe she have a human face that was made out of metal instead of the original robot face I gave her.

So, I did a quick sketch and came up with a human face I could pop on over her robot face. But, honestly, I love that original face so much I just might go ahead and finish that one as well, just for myself.

The second version has been approved so now it's on to inking her and adding some color. I haven't painted metal in quite a while and I'm really looking forward to doing in Photoshop what I learned to do years ago with an airbrush.

This piece, by far, has been one of my favorite I've worked on in a long time. It's been fun to stretch my creativity and work with a client who trusts the vision I have and let me take it to a satisfying end.

Now, on to the inking and coloring.

Have a great day!


Jeff Lafferty said...

Great piece Sean, nice to see some new Oil Can Drive characters!

... and the ring looks beautiful! Not sure how I missed that post, but congrats!!! I'm looking forward to seeing you two get hitched!

Sean Tiffany said...

Thanks, Jeff. She's not a new OilCan Drive character but she sure could fit nicely into that world.

And thanks on the ring. It was quite the day when we went out to find it. And, it won't be long now until the wedding.