Sunday, November 4, 2012

Keep Your Panties On!

For a while I had a Blogger driven OilCan Drive Blog up and running kind of like a Twitter feed where the band would, from time to time, post comments and updates.

When I moved all of the OilCan Drive work over to the official OCD site the original blog kind of just sat there.

Because my Blogger profile lists OilCan Drive on my list of blogs I figured it might be best to recode some of it so it would forward viewers to the new webcomic site. The problem was that the new webcomic site can run a bit slow from time to time so I wanted to create a  place holder so people knew they were being redirected.

So, using one of my favorite images of Ryan Burke, I came up with this.

One more thing checked off this huge list of Things To Do I keep creating. It's not much, but I'm glad it's finally done. It'd been bugging me for too long.

You can check out the redirected blog link HERE.

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