Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lily Pencils

For the December header of the blog I know I usually do something a bit more festive and in the holiday spirit. But, this year, since I've been having so much fun drawing the characters from OilCan Drive, I've decided to ignore the holidays and keep drawing the fun the images in my head.

So, in keeping with the OilCan Drive theme, I took another shot at drawing Lily, a girl from Ryan's past. I did a head shot of her earlier this year and she came out looking older and more world-wise than is called for in the story. This time I tried to make her look a bit more naive, cute, and sexy.

I think I've succeeded. This pencil sketch looks much more like the Lily in my head. And I really like the pose with the, "smile, it'll all be alright," attitude.

So, the pencils are done and now it's on to the inks. I have two days to finish her up before December 1st.

Wish me luck!

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