Thursday, December 4, 2014

Happy December!

Alright, finally, and only a few days late, Happy December everyone!

I got the inks done on the last few pieces, scanned them into the computer, and I've been coloring a bit each night to get them all done. Each of them will be used in the print edition of the second OilCan Drive book and, with these last few pieces done, I am now one step closer to putting this chapter to bed and sending it out to the printer.

While she will be cropped in the print version of the book, here is the full image of Lily that will accompany the title page of the new book. Since I knew she would be cropped I didn't draw much past her legs but I wanted to do some kind of artsy thing down there so I hope this works.

Okay, back to it. Have a great month and I'll see you all

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