Monday, December 29, 2014

Sports Illustrated Kids December

Hello all and happy holidays!

I hope you had a great holiday week. I came down with a pretty awful case of the flu most of the week and pretty much coughed, moaned, and slept my way right through Christmas. But, I am finally feeling better and getting ready to get back to work to see what the new year will have in store for me.

But, before we start out the new year I thought it would be a perfect time to show off the three illustrations I did for the "What's The Call" article featured in the December issue of Sports Illustrated Kids. This month featured scenarios involving football, basketball, and baseball. As usual, these were a lot of fun to do. Every month the scenarios SIK gives me seem to challenge me and make me stretch my abilities as an artist. I feel I've only gotten better since I started this job a few years ago. And, for that, I am thankful for such a great client.

One thing that will be changing in the coming year with the "What's The Call" article will be the format of the page. I've found I'll no longer have that nice long narrow bottom panel space that I use to showcase scenarios that seem to need a little more breathing room (like the baseball piece to the left). At first I was a bit nervous but I'm sure it will all work out in the end. It's just one more challenge to tackle and make me think outside of my little box.

I hope you enjoy these new pieces and you all have a great last few days of the year. Onward and upward to better things in 2015!

I'll see you all there!

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