Thursday, January 22, 2015


While doing the new promo comic page for OilCan Drive this week I had to come up with a wanted poster to feature in a few panels. The idea was to start very close in on the poster, making it look like a regular band flyer and then, once the camera pulls back, we see it is actually a wanted poster that a bounty hunter might use to track the band down.

So, I took an old piece of OCD art and made the poster up this morning. There isn't much to it and most of it will be cropped out and so small that a lot of the text won't even be legible. But, I still thought it was a fun step to show in getting the page done and a fun piece to create.

The promo page that accompanies the interview I did earlier this week for a local magazine is almost done and, while I do plan to show off the page on the OilCan Drive website sometime in the summer between chapters, I'll be showing the comic off this weekend here on the blog.

So, if you're a regular reader of this blog, congrats, you're going to see some art this weekend that all the other people won't see until the summer!

See you soon with a new page in hand!

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