Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy January!

Ack! I know I changed the header to the blog and got this blog post ready to go but I totally forgot I hadn't written anything or posted it yet! That is awful! Sorry about that!

Anyway, Happy January everybody! And I'm only about half the month late.

This month's blog header is the Lily piece I created for the print version of OilCan Drive's second book. I have almost all of the pieces for the book done (except for the "next issue" last page which will be the third book's cover.) All I need to do now is a bit of writing on the sketch book pages, edit some of the lettering in the comic, and layout the whole book. As usual, it seems I am in the "the only thing left to do is everything" part of the process.

But, at least this piece is done and I think it turned out great.

I've also started working on the third issue of the OilCan Drive story and I'm almost a quarter of the way through penciling the pages. I'm hoping to have both a printed version of the second book AND the third book done by the time the Denver Comic Con rolls around at the end of May. Add those books to a second OilCan Drive music EP and, fingers crossed if I have the time, the long awaited collected edition of the Exit 6 story and my next few months will be plenty busy. But, I figure better to have too much to do than too little.

And because it is the starting of a new year I thought I'd take a look back at all of last year's blog header posts to see how I did. I try to do original pieces for each month's header but there is always those few months were I get too busy and have to use either a client piece or something that I was using for other projects. It looks like I only strayed away from the OilCan Drive world twice last year and that's not too bad at all. But seeing that black and white Lily piece reminds me that there is a watercolor painting somewhere in my pile that still needs to be painted. I'll make sure I add it to the list.

Happy new year everyone! I hope the first two weeks of it have been going great for you. See you soon!

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