Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sports Illustrated Kids June

It's a little late but here are the illustrations I did for the "What's The Call" article appearing in the June issue of Sports Illustrated Kids. You're the official during the game and something really weird goes down. You tell me, what's the call?

Heads Will Roll

During Lynne Edison's first swing of a golf tournament, the head of her golf club falls off of the shaft. As she completes the swing, the head of the club rolls and hits the golf ball. You're the official. Does this count as a stroke?

Icing the Kicker

Tennessee Terriers kicker Carl Moynihan lines up for a game-winning 41-yard attempt against the Missouri Monarchs. Just as Moynihan looks up for the snap, Monarchs head coach Bruce Baskerville calls a time out to "ice," or disrupt, the kicker. Moynihan makes the kick, but it's waved off due to the timeout. As Moynihan prepares for his second attempt, Baskerville motions for another timeout. The Terriers claim the Monarchs cannot call two consecutive time outs to ice the kicker. You're the official. Can the Monarchs call two straight timeouts before an opponent's field goal attempt?

No Backsies

Georgia Gems catcher Jelani Hendricks hits a home run out of the ballpark against the Washington Willows. Hendricks tags first base, but misses second. When his foot touches third base, Willows first base coach signals to the umpire that Hendricks did not tag first second base. Hendricks runs back to second, but the Willows argue he cannot retreat. You're the umpire. Can Hendricks retouch second base before heading to home plate?

Good luck! I hope you make the right call!

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