Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sorry About The Mess

Here is a piece I did a few weeks ago as an idea for a new t-shirt design.

Since I was six years old I've loved Star Wars. My Mom brought me to see the first movie in the theater and I was just hooked. I particularly liked Han Solo and loved the scene in the cantina where Solo nonchalantly blew away Greedo and then left, but not before throwing the bartender a bit of coin saying, "sorry about the mess."

Working in more than a few retail and bartending jobs since then I thought it would be a really funny idea to see the bartender actually have to take care of the mess. Hey, someone had to clean up Greedo off the table and pick up that severed limb left by Obi-Wan off the floor after closing time. I didn't see any Ugnauts or Jawas around helping this guy run the place.

So, I figured it would be up to him.

I'm sure he probably wouldn't be happy about it but it's just the cost of doing business in Mos Eisley so, with a scowl on his face, he grabs his old mop and bucket made from an R2 unit and gets to work.

Unfortunately the piece wasn't picked up by any of the shirt companies I usually deal with. I thought it would make a really funny shirt but I guess I might be the only one.

Still, it made for a fun cartoon and it's my pleasure to finally be able to show it off. Plus, I got to draw Greedo and something akin to Star Wars so that is never a bad thing.

Here are a few process shots as the piece was being penciled and inked on my desk before being scanned into the computer for color.

Oh, and the fun part about the color is that I had to do it in less than eight colors and that includes black and white. So, basically, I had to paint with six colors and somehow make it work. It made for a fun challenge and I think I pulled it off okay for a complex enough piece.

I hope you enjoy the piece and I'm sorry it won't be made into a t-shirt. But, there is always next time!

Have a great one and I'll see you all soon!

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Monika CG Tiffany said...

They must not like making money... :D