Thursday, October 1, 2015

24 Hour Comic Day Cover Inks!

Here is the inked cover I am working on for this Saturday's 24 Hour Comic Day Challenge.

I thought I was done with the piece but, once I scanned it into the computer and started working on the color, I realized I really wasn't happy with the way Ryan came out. So, tonight, I did a new image of Ryan and digitally put him into the cover. I think it is working out so far but I have had my moments of doubt.

In keeping with my 24 Hour Comic Day tradition I inked both of these pieces using only Sharpie Markers and Micron Pens. They don't have the detail I usually get from a brush and ink but they are a lot faster and with 24 Hour Comic Day fast is what it's all about. Hopefully this technique will serve me well yet again when I sit down to do my comic on Saturday.

I haven't even started the actual comic yet and I already feel exhausted. I am definitely having one of those nights where I feel everything I do is pointless and useless and maybe I should hang up this art thing once and for all. But, I just keep on working no matter how bad I feel about it.

I'm sure I am just tired and things will look better in the morning over a bowl of cereal.

I sure hope so...

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