Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back To It

During June I was on fire with getting the new OilCan Drive book done. I had three pages left to ink and the interiors would all be inked and scanned.

Then July hit and three kid's books in a row forced me to put the personal work on the back burner. After finishing those books I went right on a two week vacation to the east coast. Getting back to Colorado and the studio, it took me a bit to get back up to full working speed.

And then my parents came out from Maine for a visit. Four years of not seeing my parents and now we've visited each other more in the last month than we have since I can remember.

But, slowly, what seems like VERY slowly, I am getting back to those last three pages. One page is inked and scanned. One is half way done. And one is still sitting on the edge of the studio waiting for its turn.

Here is the second to the last page, half way done.

It's getting's getting there...

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Jeff Lafferty said...

Looking good man, keep going.