Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Adding a Little Color

Here are a few screen shots of the piece I showed off yesterday. It's been scanned into the computer and I've been laying down colors on it all day.

Since I showed off what the inks looked like by themselves yesterday I thought it was only fair to also show what just the colors looked liked without the black and white lines.

And finally, not only did I have to color this piece but I also had to find a photo background to merge it with to complete the cover.

After reading the story I thought and thought about places near Boulder that I could use for the background. There are a lot of hiking and biking trails around town but I was trying to figure out somewhere that didn't look like it was at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. The story is supposed to take place on the flat plains so a background that looked like a hiking trail in Boulder, Colorado simply wouldn't work.

I asked around and a girl I know who works at my usual lunch place told me about a mountain biking track that was nearby that I had never heard of. I took a ride over to a small dirt road behind a business park. There, amongst some small hills was the track she had talked about. It was perfect!

So, I took a few photos and made sure the mountains couldn't be seen in the distance. Luckily, it was also a beautiful day to get some shots. With the winter and spring we've been having here a normal day has been overcast, cold, rainy, and sometimes even snowy. So, to get even one day where it looked this beautiful and clear out was a real blessing.

Now, to put all the pieces together...

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