Sunday, May 9, 2010


This weekend I've been finishing up a kids book that not only features bicycles and dense woods but also pouring rain and lightning striking trees.

So, it's been a long weekend as I figured out various ways to pull these things off.

When it came to the bicycle tires I figured it might be better to build them in the computer so I could get the curves and arcs of the wheels correct. Here are a few tests I did before I got to the final to make sure they would work out and look OK.

It's been a long weekend trying some of these new techniques out (thank God the rain idea I had worked. If it hadn't I'm not sure what I would have done at this late hour.) But, it was fun to try some new ideas and put a few new tools in the old toolbox.


rob! said...

I don't miss those old circle templates, do you?

Sean Tiffany said...

I still use the old circle templates but these seemed to be just tough enough to use some computer magic. I still do as much by hand as possible before I jump into the digital world.

But, these do look a lot better than any solution I could have come up with fifteen years ago.