Friday, May 21, 2010

From The Vault - Nicole 2002

And no, this is not the "Nicole" from OilCan Drive. Although, I was happy to find someone out there who shares her name and looks just as good.

I did this piece back in 2002 as an experiment and to simply play around.

Using a friend as a subject I drew her on the cardboard backing of a pad of bristol board. I wanted to try drawing on the cardboard so I could use both dark graphite pencils and white pencils to produce both shadows and highlights on a piece of board that wasn't simply white.

Not a bad experiment and, looking back eight years ago, I'm still happy with the result.

I just hope Nicole liked it.


Jeff Lafferty said...

Pretty cool dude, but 2002 is in the vault already? Jeez seems like it was just yesterday.

Sean Tiffany said...

Well, the way I figure it, the Vault consists of anything you might not have seen before that I did on any day before today.

That at least gives me some leeway to make sure I don't run out of anything to show off too soon.

But yeah, where did 2000-2009 go???

rob! said...

A little gentler style than your usual stuff, probably due to the lack of solid blacks.