Friday, September 3, 2010

From The Vault - Teddy Bear Bride and Groom 1993

I kind of remember doing this piece but, honestly, right now I have no idea why I did it or who I did it for. Was it for an engagement present? A wedding present? Something for fun? I simply don't know.

But, I know I did it back in 1993. That is that the signature says. Which means I did it using my old tried and true way of drawing and inking the piece on bristol board and then shooting a photostat of it and airbrushing on top of that.

One of the techniques I used to love doing and used on this piece were using various masking techniques to achieve certain looks. The clouds in the sky were done by ripping up piece of paper towel and using them as soft masks to get that fluffy cloud-like feeling. And, the lace on the bride bear's chest was done by pulling a piece of screen window out and using it as a mask while I sprayed paint through it onto the art.

Ah, all the stuff you don't need to know now in this new digital art world.

But, I'm still glad I know how to do weird stuff like that. And I'm glad I know how to transfer that physical knowledge into the digital world. I love mixing old school techniques with new ones to make new, original looking pieces.

And old pieces of art like this is where a lot of the techniques I use now started.

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