Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just a Test

To make sure the computer was working well again yesterday I popped open Photoshop and decided to color a piece. I wanted to work one something long enough to make sure I wasn't getting any errors, nothing was freezing up, and nothing was crashing.

Because I didn't have anything that needed to be painted I opened up this old EXIT 6 black and white cover from 1998 and started painting away. And everything worked out just great.

This piece was originally going to be the cover for Exit 6 #5. But, because the book was canceled, this black and white artwork was never painted. It was weird going back and painting on stuff I had drawn almost thirteen years ago. I found it hard to make some decisions with the color as the facial structures were a bit different than the way I draw now. It has a very comic book mid-nineties feel to it in my eyes. But, since I did draw it in the nineties I guess that all make sense.

And, to address a few of the comments yesterday:

Jeff Lafferty, I did buy a laptop last year but my working computer is the same tower I've been using for four years. It isn't connected to the internet at all and I do all of my art, music, and financial stuff on it. The way the screen works on the laptop I can't color on it because when you move your head the image's color shifts so I never have a clear idea of the choices I am making. So, I stick to working on the the home set up and use the laptop for basic day-to-day computer stuff and for surfing the internet. So far it seems to work well.

And, Jeff Hooper, I grew up with Macs and owned Macs until I bought my first PC in 2001. I owend and used Macs before they were cool. But, once going to the PC everything made sense and I started using them for art. Backwards from most creative people, I know, but it seems to work for me. Personally, I like a machine I can dig into and rip parts out of and know how to fix. Every time I look at a Mac's interface I feel like it's spoon feeding me only what it thinks I want. And really, I look at the computers as simple (well, maybe not simple) tools to get the jobs I need done. And, if I did go back to Mac not only would I need to buy a new, way more expensive machine, but think of all the programs and gear I would need to buy to get back to where I am right now.

Or maybe I just have a hard time changing once I find something I like. You're talking to a guy who still drives a 1992 jeep and has the same art table he's had since he was fifteen years old. Heck, I think the little plastic cup I use to rinse out my brushes is over legal drinking age.

So, as much as some people keep telling me the Mac is the answer to all of my problems I think, for now, I'm doing just fine.


Jeff Lafferty said...

Hang tough dude ... the painting looks good

Manu said...

This pic could represent a date which turns bad ! :) ) ) ) ) )

Sean Tiffany said...

Manu, I never did get into it too much in the Exit 6 series, but Keith and Christine did have a previous relationship. I think they are just working out some of their old problems on this cover. ha ha