Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Doctor Who

After spending almost all of the holiday weekend working on client projects I woke up this morning not feeling so good. All the work has been sent out and approved and I've found myself with a full day off. Oh sure, it's a Tuesday, but a day off is a day off.

The problem with that is that sometimes, after working so hard, my body almost forces me to lay down and rest. So, I woke up this morning with a headache and more than a few aches in my arms and back and decided that today would be a good day to take it easy.

So, I got up late, had a small breakfast, and sat on the couch to watch some Doctor Who DVDs.

I've loved the Doctor since his fourth incarnation back in the early 80's. I used to watch those old episodes on PBS, one of the only four stations we had at the time and, back then, any sci-fi on TV was a really cool thing. I remember loving the stories so much that I even had my Dad take me to some weird Doctor Who traveling museum kind of thing that went around in a trailer. It was almost like those old cheesy haunted houses they used to have but this was all Doctor Who and had all kinds of cool stuff in it.

So, when the BBC revived the Doctor's adventures in 2005 I was more than happy to watch again and see what kind of trouble he could get into.

In 2010, Matt Smith became the 11th actor to portray the Doctor (the story goes that when the Doctor is near death he can regenerate into a new person....brilliant idea to keep a TV show going...you don't need any one actor to make sure the show goes on...and it's probably why the show is still going after almost 50 years). Anyway, I was a bit hesitant to accept him as the new Doctor but I soon found myself falling in love with the new actors and the new stories.

This scene, from the end of Matt's first episode of being the new Doctor, really shows why I love these stories and this character. Why go to war with an alien race when you can simply frighten them away with your past deeds?

Plus, I love the shot where it shows the Doctor in his previous ten incarnations.

If you don't blink and count right, that fourth guy...yep, that's the guy I grew up with.

So, thank you Doctor Who for making what could have been a really miserable day just a little bit better.

Tomorrow I'll be back at it!


Life of an Artist... and Kick-Ass Stylist Chic! said...

You're wonderful and hardworking, and if anyone in this wacky ole world deserves a day off, its you!

Thom Zahler said...

Doctor Who has some of the most kick butt monologue moments in any show. This was a great one.

Manu said...

I agree, you're one of the most hardworker man I know ! Total respect for you (: o

I never saw Doctor Who, even if the show is broadcasted in France, and I didn't know it had 50 yo, but your article made me think of the old version of Galactica ! It was my favourite show in the 70's, and I'd like to watch it again now... and not this weird thing the have done as a remake... (in my opinion...)

Another one, who's a doc, and has great kick butt lines is House !!! lol.... in France, we just love him ! :) ) ) ) ) )

Manu said...

And today, I draw while watching Roland Garros Tennis Tournament.... Mmmm... Maria Sharapova has just won her match.... and now, we have Rafael Nadal versus Robin Soderling.... gonna be a great fight !!!! :)

Sean Tiffany said...

Manu, you should definitely give the new Doctor Who series a try and, while you're at it, watch the new Battlestar Galactica as well. As much as I loved the old show as a kid the new series was really great. I don't think you can go wrong with either one.

Manu said...

Hi Sean ! I finally discovered The Doctor Who yesterday ! The one with David Tennant, in fact. And you were right : this is the most original stuff I've ever seen ! I love it ! The doc has a new geek fan ! :) )

Good luck with your tee-shirts ! ;)